We make the UK’s most popular Ottoman bed frame. Our ottoman can be found in practically any showroom or online store in the UK. We offer flexible configuration – End Lift, Side Lift, Half Lift, Single to Super King. All available in our universal ottoman range, which we deliver in sub-assembled ‘kit’ form. Our Assembly department produces over 12,000 sub-assemblies per week.


Standard Configurations

  • East/West Side Lift
  • East/West Half End Lift
  • North/South End Lift
  • Carded or Non-carded lids

Standard Sizes

All the below frames are sub assembled in metric dimensions

  • Small single
  • Single
  • Small double
  • Double
  • King
  • Super King

We can of course work with our customers to design a bespoke frame if required.

Product Benefits

A One stop shop

  • Bases, baseboards, lids, lift actions and pistons. We offer our customers all the elements of an Ottoman in one place.

Cost Effective

  • We design our frames to minimise costs without compromising strength.

Common Components

  • We maximise the use of common components to help customers reduce SKUs and simplify stock control.

Easy Assembly

  • We sell our Ottoman frames in sub-assembled kit form. Our investment in assembly jigs mean accurate products every time meaning simple final assembly and increased capacity for our customers.

Safe, Non-Shearing Action

  • Our unique, lid lifting mechanism gives enhanced health & safety performance with its anti-shearing action.

Our products can be configured to your specification.
Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements today.